How to Put a Smile on a Friend’s Face

If you can put a smile on a face, then you are really a success. success starts when you are able to make others satisfied and smiling. Almost every service and product in the world is looking forward to getting people satisfied and smiling. However, if you are a person that can put a smile on a face you are priceless.

Many things could make a person smile.  In fact, almost anything could put a smile on a person’s face. It just depends on how each person perceives things.

Here are 4 special ways to put a smile on a face:

1.Be cheerful: probably you did not expect this to be the first point but, if you are not cheerful it could make your smile not very contagious. proverbs 15:30 says a cheerful look brings joy to the heart. The joy that your cheerful presence produces makes your smile and effort rewarded with beams of smile from that face. if a child walks up to you with his hands filthy looking cheerful and smiling, i would like to believe that your response to this kid will be different from the one who walked in with filthy hands crying and looking sad. Therefore even when giving a smile be a cheerful giver.

2. Tell them something that would make them smile: you  do not have to be a comedian to make someone laugh, even a bad joke has made a lot of people smile. sometimes, simply reminding a person of how special they are to you or even asking them to smile for you could be so effective. You probably already know that word, sentence or phrase that will always put a smile on your friend’s face so go ahead and say it.

3. Try mimicking them : This works so much as well.  Try to mimic what they are doing or saying at the time only be sure to wear a smile while doing it. This softens the heart and brings a smile back at the end. you will need to be patient with this step as some people naturally do not want to give that smile so easily especially when you try to mimic them.The best way to mimic is to do it in a more funny way and tone than the person actually is.

4.Use Photos : By just showing  an old picture of them that they never knew you had or still have, you could put a smile on a face. you could also take an old funny  photo of your friend and look at it alone with a keen eye while passing comments like ” who is this person..?  let him or her get curious only to find out that it was his or her photo that you were looking at.

look at old photos together


5 thoughts on “How to Put a Smile on a Friend’s Face

  1. How to leave a smile on a Friend’s face is a beautiful topic which has made me realize I can be smiling with my friends more. I however want to find out what do you do if at a point when a friend is not responding to anything you do to get a smile on his face what do you do? Do you just leave that friend so he comes round whatever it is that’s making him that moody or? I will love it if you answer the question. Thank you very much. 🙂

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