4 Amazing Qualities of a Supportive Person

Hey there, today a thought just got materialized after I woke up from an encounter with the Spirit of wisdom.

who doesn’t want to have that friend, worker or spouse that will always stand by and be supportive, or at least how can you identify such people from the start of your relationship?

What I want to share with you is completely from the Lord. While there are several ways to know here are some amazing tips that the Lord has taught me.

Who is a supportive person? A person who provides additional help. Cambridge dictionary says it is showing agreement and giving encouragement. However you put it, it could be narrowed down to mean a generous giver. Whether in cash or kind, one who gives just to help, encourage and to agree with a vision or purpose is being supportive. Though it could be given physically or spiritually, every support given always affect the receiver emotionally. Support builds trust and confidence. From supporting a notion to supporting a work at hand, the outcome is just amazing.

  1. ABLE TO SPOT A NEED AND GIVE HELP EVEN BEFORE BEING ASKED :supportive A supportive person will always give or at least want to give his or her support even in little things. For instance, there is a family where there are young children and the parents. Mum and dad have decided that the book shelf has to leave the sitting room and want to execute that immediately. The supportive father will not just stand there watching junior and mum trying to push the shelf, and “saying push it, yes you can” as nice as it sounds, the prospects will feel ignored, and perceive him as not supportive in that task. And if that happens consistently or often in every task, or chores ( i.e never taking part in any of the house chores,voluntarily or involuntarily), soon enough his wife will conclude that he is not supportive and he may not understand why.

well she was right, he is not supportive, and you can be sure that no one would say that to a person, if they don’t mean it.

Being supportive is a virtue that you can add to your self it’s like diligence, painstaking. you choose to be and you cultivate this virtue.



This is the screening point, he or she will always give support to others around his or her sphere of contact unless being supportive is not consistent with his or her character. So if that’s not the case, you will be or you probably are having a disguised friend. it wont be long and the mask will fall off.

a supportive person will be supportive to every and anyone. From the bus or taxi driver, to the waiter at the restaurant, to the neighbor lifting things inside from the car,to his friends and loved ones.

In other words, if this person only does things for you and seem supportive to you alone and not for or to others, then it’s most likely that this person is not what he is making you think he is; the “supportive friend”. He or she is just thrilled and fascinated by making a new friend and wants to keep the friendship. Soon enough he will get all settled and back to himself, and that’s when you might say; “oh he’s changed, he was not like this before.” well, he was always like that, you just did not read the signs properly.

Don’t get carried away by ” i will do anything for you” If he can’t do anything for his friends, siblings, family, co- workers, then most likely, in a short while you will be having a friend who is not supportive at all. So, if he only opens the door for you and not for other ladies, or he is only patient with you and not with others, chances are he is what he is to others than what he displays to you.

3 .THE THINKING AND TALKING: Being supportive is never just about how much money a friend can give you when you need it. It goes beyond that. Money will not always be all that you will need in a relationship. the bible says in Hosea 14;2 “take with you words and turn to the Lord and say to him…”The prophet here was giving wisdom to his people, letting them know that though they have so many things to say to God, they should choose their words carefully so that they say the right words to God .

In the same vein, a supportive person will be careful to choose his words, he will take words that will only lift you up when you need it. A supportive person, will think and talk in a manner that show cases him as a supportive person, often says “yes” , usually optimistic and daring. Because that’s actually what it takes to walk through a fire together ; BEING OPTIMISTIC, HOPEFUL AND COURAGEOUS.

So how can you know? Take for example, you watched a movie together or you heard a story or a report together, what was his or her response and reaction? His first reaction or point of view will show you how he thinks, and as the scripture says, as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. So clearly, it may not be on the first instance or first movie that you discussed, However, it could also be seen in even very little things and every day activities. His opinions about certain things at home, in family, with siblings, with colleagues at work, etc. All of these and many more could sell a person out.

4. The Fourth one is a bit tricky, while I pray you understand it, I am gonna go ahead and let the cat out of the bag. It’s very simple and it’s psychological. Now, as logical as it sounds, it is true. Pay attention to this ” followers of a leader are his supporters”.If that means anything, then think about this “while leaders tend to walk in front of you, supporters walk behind you or by your side.” yes I literally mean that. Now, You can think of it and interpret it in any form or level. From a walk in the park to a challenge at work, and you will be right. However, I am not suggesting that you get obsessed about a person’s choice of position or stand in or for anything. Notwithstanding, most of the time, a supportive person will walk or stand by your side or behind you, you won’t find yourself trying to keep up with the speed. They will slow down for you and watch your back.
CONCLUSION: It’s important to know whether a person is supportive or not as this determine how far you can work together. This is relevant to any vital relationship because your dreams and visions are at stake. Any friend or partner who is not supportive will always find a way to be less concerned or undermine your dreams. He or she could be negative about your dreams, visions and pursuits in life.

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