Why I love Fat People and why you should love them too.

I love fat people. I literally admire them. But it wasn’t always so. Over the years, I have cultivated this love for people who are fat and I sometimes imagined that someone would look better fat. Most of my best and quality friendship right from primary school were those I had with the fat people. There is something about them, I am not sure why? But if you have had such experiences you would agree with me. My slim friends did not stand the test of time, for some reasons. Well, forget about my experiences but let’s face it. They are wonderful if you get to know them. I am naturally drawn to chubby babies and kids. Although I love fat people, I have been trained to see fat as a risk factor of diseases. Hence, I always encourage people to lose weight.
Nevertheless, fat people are beautiful and their hearts are beautiful too. They are so comfy and loving. They are mostly cheerful. The only reason why we have depressed fat people is because of the rejection that they perceive from the public, media and among peers because of their size.
Most fat people are much more beautiful than their contemporaries who make jest of them and call them not beautiful.
And who said being fat is not beautiful? Is it the Society, or the media? Why have we left beauty to be judged and defined by a certain group of people or culture? Three years ago, about this time, I had an opportunity to go as a tourist in a city in Russia called Saint Petersburg. There, we visited an ancient palace in that city. And in my opinion, it was one of the most beautiful sights.
One thing struck me there, it got me fascinated when the tour guide spoke to us about the beauty rooms of the princesses. One of the things she mentioned was that the ladies had to be plump ‘fat’ to be called beautiful because being slim was seen like a sign of poverty or ugliness. In other words, girls during that time sought to be fat in order to be termed as beautiful. I was privileged to see some of the pictures of these ladies and indeed they were fat. Being Fat was the deal, people loved you and wanted you. So what happened along the line that fat became not wanted?
I come from a tribe in Nigeria called Ibibio/ Efik, several years ago I went to a festival with my parents, where my mum explained a tradition that has now faded away called Mbopo in ibibio and Nkugho in Efik . However this rite was to prepare a lady for her husband, before she gets married. One of the aim was to make the lady add some weight because, this was beauty at that time too. Although I am not so much interested in this rite , but because of the subject of discussion you really should read about it here. Here is another site that talked about it. It is just interesting to know that being fat was a beautiful thing before. So again I ask, what happened? we often throw away fashion and then years later we go back to it. we threw away afro hair and now we are going back to it. I am not asking that we change the trend of beauty to fat and make the slim people feel not pretty a thousand times no. All I want is a chance to be comfortable with who you are and not leave the question of beauty to any group, society or industry.
While the medical industry has also been on the case of fat people, things are changing a bit. Recently there was a research done that proved that there are health benefits of being fat. And for those benefits, being slim puts you on the other side. What a world! (Just type in your search engine and you will see).
While I am not encouraging anyone to give up on loosing weight for health benefits, I want to make sure that the one who is fat doesn’t see or think of himself as one full of diseases waiting to manifest or as ugly. No! working at the Hospital, has exposed me to a lot of patients and during these periods, I have seen slim people have heart conditions, arthritis, diabetes and cancer. So it’s not all about the weight, it couldn’t be. Sicknesses come from the devil, and it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, he could still afflict you. Health is found in God. I have seen many fat people living a great life and slim people hospitalized.
Being slim doesn’t guarantee you for a happy ever after life. At least the divorce rate is too high in the world, and most of the victims when you look at it from a certain point of view, they are the slim and beautiful. The fat ones are still at home. I think there’s something we need to learn from the fat people. They have worked on other virtues beyond their outward appearance that makes them unsubstitutable. True beauty is of the heart it can’t fade.
However, If one is fat because he is not active, or he eats a lot of sugar and salt, drinks less water but more soft drinks. Then here’s what I want to say :
1 .Sugar is very bad for every one even for children. It is as bad as giving a child alcohol. Alcohol and sugar are siblings with age differences ( both are sugar and are harmful) if we don’t permit kids to drink alcohol, we should not permit them to drink sugary drink as well. sugar is the number one killer agent or tool of the devil. And it’s all because you are ignorant of how bad it is and that’s why the devil is letting you continue in it. I will write about sugar soon.
Think of it this way, if sugar could destroy some thing as strong as a tooth, causing it to decay, smell, bleed, ache and rot. what do you think about other organs in your body that have no enamel to protect them as the tooth and aren’t as strong as the tooth?

2.Get active if you are not, not because you want to lose weight but because you know it is good for you. For your heart,brain and muscles.
Being slim doesn’t mean you are healthy. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle to be healthy. Neither Health nor beauty can be measured by size.
Stay active and eat rightly. If you are slim and you consume a lot of sugar, though you are not fat, you are not as healthy as the fat person who eats no sugar. Health and beauty is relative, it is dependent on the one looking at it and on what basis you are judging it.
If you think you are fat, and unhappy with yourself. Ask yourself two questions:
1.What if tomorrow everyone wants to get fat again? It’s just like the natural hair trend. It used to be the last choice or dream of many but now it’s every girl’s dream to grow her natural hair. What happened? Did the hair change? No, the mindset of people changed. They embraced their coils and loved it, and promoted it. While the earth remains, there will always be dark and fair, short and tall , slim and plump. It just makes the world beautiful.
2. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it for health reasons or to feel prettier? If you are losing weight because you feel is healthy that’s a good reason. But if you are loosing weight because you think people will love or accept you that’s a lie. Because such friendships are not real but superficial. True friends will love and accept you come what may. If your weight didn’t matter to God, then it should not matter to anyone but you.

Your body is yours. Love it, take care of it and it will bloom.
I love you!

7 thoughts on “Why I love Fat People and why you should love them too.

  1. I am wowed,so much to digest from this….if only those who face this situation would see this and embrace who they are,because fact is we are loved of God irrespective of color,size,gender etc…God bless u Jemmy!

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