Sugar-Free or Sugar freak?

One of the battles that most people fight is the battle with sugar. Sugar as sweet as it is, it is like a Devil appearing as an Angel of light.

We fight and organize conferences teaching and talking about the dangers of alcohol and what not. Beautiful! But while dealing with alcohol, we often leave the “Big boss” sitting on the high tables staring quietly and watching. Alright the conference is over, and what do we get for Refreshment or should I say “DE-FRESHMENT” (if only there was a word like that. )? well, it’s sugar the big boss (the soft drinks,cakes, candies etc).

Alcohol comes from sugar. I call them siblings with good age differences. Alcohol is sugar; fermented sugar. Soft drinks are sugar non-fermented. Hence we stop kids from drinking alcohol but let them drink soft drinks. To be honest, we’ve solved no problem with that except that we just bribed our tongue with the sweetness and with much pleasure it sends a signal to the brain saying” I like it, please don’t stop him, ask for more”. This means that a person could drink a lot of sugar and not know just how bad his body feels in response to it. On the other hand, alcohol is very honest. It’s matured sugar, it doesn’t lie. Doesn’t bribe the tongue, It tells the truth to you, that look dear, this thing is bad. It signals the brain to make you stop but people sometimes laugh and make fun of it.

look it’s serious, alcohol is that harmful that your body loses its balance. But what about the young sugar? It is silent. It wants to destroy silently. Sugar has walked itself into the heart of all age group, society and every religion permits it. People talk about alcohol addiction and forget sugar addiction. Sugar is addictive and it is the number one in the world. I have seen kids cry for it, do anything for a sugar reward, steal for it and what not.

I know that we do need sugar, but we don’t need extra sugar. we don’t need people hiding sugar in our food. These days our salads have sugar in it. Tea on its own is good, but sugar in your tea, makes your tea not healthy at all.

check what you buy, don’t just buy things by their kilo-calories but check how much sugar is in your food. There are some hidden amount of sugars in your food, that you will not consciously add to your food on your own. Check the ingredients, if sugar takes the first 5 place on the list of ingredients, then it is high. It should be absent or among the least items in your product. Ingredients are usually listed or arranged according to the highest in content.

Most chocolates don’t have cocoa as the main or number one ingredient but sugar!

There are healthy fat, but sugar is not promising, is something that you have to watch out for. The sugar content in food at its natural state is more than enough. Flour is sugar already, no need to add much sugar in your bread again.

Don’t spoil (destroy) your self by giving your tongue a treat, rather spoil your taste and give your body a healthy treat. Your body will thank you. The best thing you can do for a child is to educate him to not only stay away from alcohol but from sugar. It’s not about having insulin to absorb sugar, but that you don’t need your body absorbing excess sugar in the first place. Although sugar causes the same harm to a man like alcohol, however Sugar goes beyond that. It quietly does more harm than good.

Did you know that sugar reduces your immunity and make one prone to other diseases, causes aging, and reduces cognition in children? sugar is a leading cause of Cancer and cardiovascular disease. To know more about the harm caused by sugar you may read 10 ways sugar harms you by Atkins.I like how it stresses upon other things your doctor may not even tell you.

I have been sugar-free for almost 4 years now and still counting. At least I have forgotten the taste of soft drinks and icecreams. I do eat some things that have sugar in it, but with very minimum amount, this is beacuse almost everything in the food stores have sugar in it. I try to shop, to select the best stuff that the shop could offer me, and when it seems too challenging, I find other alternatives. Sugar is tricky, if you take one bite you just want more but if you stay away, you just don’t feel like going back. I don’t feel like looking back. In the days of ignorance the Lord winked at, but when Knowledge comes he commands all men to repent. Indeed people perish for lack of knowledge.

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