Why you had a great day.

One of the most frequently asked questions would be “How was your day?”

It’s polite to ask, and its wonderful to say; good, beautiful or Great. But some others have a different story.

So why did you have a good day and the other fellow did not?

Same place, same age range, same Church, same Holy Spirit. There are even times when two people are in the same situation and circumstance but still one wins and the other seems defeated.

It wasn’t, how much the other prayed, it wasn’t fasting, it wasn’t anything that you also or probably did.

Two things made the difference:

The First is like the second, but the second is greater. They are : “the Decisions” and “the choices” You make.

It’s possible for two people to make a decision to win, to be successful and happy. But the choices they make afterwards determines the results they get, their attainments and the reports or story that they will tell.

So these choices makes one say my day was great and the other say it was okay.

You could decide to talk and think right, but that you decided to do that is not enough, you will have to choose words at the end to make your decision authentic.

Decisions are passive but choices are active response to a situation or circumstance. A choice is what you do with and for the decision you have made in your heart.

We decide to get marry, but we must choose whom to get married to. We decide to buy a car but we must choose which car to buy. We decide to further our education but we must choose what to study and where. Therefore, the choices that we make determines the tomorrow we decided to have.

We make choices everyday and everytime. Choosing not to make a choice is already a choice.

In life choices are made for you or by you. When you were a child, your parents made choices for you. They chose your outfits, your school, your name and sometimes your friends.

But as you grew, those choices had to be made by you. From the night before till the next day, you make choices.

You had to choose whether to go to bed or not and at what time. You chose whether or not to eat and what to eat. You made a choice to get up from the bed or get back in for another 40 mins or so. You chose whether or not to arrive early at school, church or at work by the clock time you got out of bed. You had to choose between taking a shower or not, having breakfast or not, reading or not etc. We just keep making choices and it doesn’t stop.

And for all of the choices that we make each day, we would have a different experience or view of the same situation, opportunity, and the day at large. One chooses to listen to the voice of the Lord, the other doesn’t, that was a choice. You forgot to pray because you woke up late; well that was a choice you made, when you slept in late and woke up late.

So You see? God is not withholding anything from anyone. He did not make any bad day for anybody. He said that He is a just God, He causes the rain and the sun to come upon both the righteous and the wicked. (Mathew 5:45).He gives them all the earth to dwell and possess.

But child of God, if you make the right choices by discipline, you will enjoy the good in the land. No need praying and singing that old Song ” oh Lord plan a good day for me” God is not a man ( Numbers 23:19). Bible says that He is mindful of us ( Psalm 8:4-8). It says that God has a good plan and thought for us, thought of good and not of evil, to bring us to the expected future (Jeremiah 29:11).

God is an ever present helper ( Psalm 46:1). He wants to help you lead a beautiful life. But you must practice diligence and self discipline. God won’t force you to choose the right things but he will put a desire in you, He will make you willing, and if you say yes to Him, He will cause you to do.

Philippians 2:13 ” For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure”

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