The waiting period is one time every one is acquainted with. We have been told at different points in our lives to wait for many and different things, and each time we get in there some people give up because nobody told them what it meant nor how to wait and win. The waiting period therefore becomes a nightmare for some and a time of complaints.

The waiting period is actually the time of patience. No wonder the Greek word for patience “Makrothymia” is translated as “Long Suffering, long-term passion”. It’s a staying power. It’s endurance with hope. Hope for the future and endurance in the now. It’s long-term endurance with hope and not vice versa.

The Bible admonishes us to endure hardship as good soldiers of Christ (2 Timothy 2:3-5). God never promised us that there will be no time of hardship or Waiting, but He said to us to Cheer up. You don’t ask a person to cheer up if he doesn’t seem to be down. The challenges that come your way might want to change your countenance, but Jesus is saying Cheer up! ( John 16:33). Cheer up my friend, cheer up my sister, I have overcome the world, and I overcame it for you.
What are you waiting for?

The waiting period is also the time of diligence, painstaking and endurance. We wait diligently for different things:

Some are waiting for a bus, some are waiting on a queue. Some are waiting for a child to return home, some are waiting for a conception. While some are waiting to get married, some are waiting that their spouse will come back home.It goes on to waiting for a call, promotion, a food to get ready or even a result. Some are even waiting for a miracle. But one thing is Certain, those who wait are not foolish,they are wise.

However, the waiting period does not suggest idleness. No, a thousand times no. Isaiah 40:31 says “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength” Why strength? That’s because it suggests the waiting of a waiter. It means you are in service doing what you ought to do, waiting on those customers, while waiting for your wages.

Notice there is a difference between “waiting for” and “waiting on”. Waiting on is being at a person’s service like in the restaurant. The waiter waits on you, so strength is used during waiting and such strength needs to be replenished. And that’s what the scripture means in Isaiah 40:31. So don’t take a recess. Don’t go somewhere hiding and crying. No, you are not waiting on God by starving in a hiding and crying.

To wait on God is to be at God’s service. Actively serving with expectations. Every waiter has an expectation, he knows that come what may, after his waiting, he will be given his wages. He also knows that if he serves well, he could get tips from the customer.

So like that waiter, be well dressed all the time, Don’t complain about your life to people, serve confidently, smile and be polite. If People don’t appreciate you or your service, instead of mumuring somewhere and getting grumpy, you will rather think of improving your service. If they spilt food on you, that doesn’t make you react, or loose heart. Whether they were rude or not doesn’t change your countenance.

Therefore, While you wait on God, serve Faithfully. Are you waiting for a new level in ministry? Well, wait on Him, and He will pay you, He will give you much more than just tips. The expectations of the righteous shall never be cut off (proverbs 10:28). My God is too Faithful to fail.

Sometimes He saves the best for last. Take a moment and enjoy my favorite song on waiting; “while I am waiting by John Waller” it says it all.

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