Every Mum Loves Her Child

Every mum loves her child. There is no mum who doesn’t love her child irrespective of how many children she has, she loves each one of them specially. There are some mothers who have said to their children ” I hate you! ” and some even think that they do hate a child, but, and if they are given a chance to sit down and look deep within them, they usually discover that they did not mean what they said or thought, but that they actually truly love their child.

Just think about it, how many times do people say in their heart or felt hurt to say ” I hate my mum, or anyone else” but they actually did not mean it. They uttered it from their rage, because of what they are considering to measure as love at the time. The truth is, people tend to say ‘I hate a person or thing’ when they are not getting what they think they deserve to get from that person or thing.

Think about a person who says ” I hate this TV, or this phone” He sure did not feel that way when he bought that product the first time. It was when the product failed to deliver its services like before or could not satisfy them as expected then their thoughts towards the products or items changed. In the same vein, no one is born to hate a mum or to think that a mum hates him, but when a person has set his own yard stick of measuring what love is, he begins to feel hated and will therefore talk that way and act that way.

Just like the phone or TV, whatever happened to it was not intentional. It has no idea about how its changes has made you feel and it wishes it could be the best phone or TV That you could ever have. BUT NOT ALL PHONES ARE EQUAL IN QUALITY AND FUNCTION. However, they all want to do the same thing for you. They want to be yours and want to serve you with what they can offer. We give our gadgets a chance to be different and accept their differences. In the same way, every mum is different and unique in displaying how much they love you. Accept their differences and give them a chance to be different.

What is your interpretation of Love?

To one that mum won’t let me choose is hatred to another mum is protecting me because she loves me. That mum scolded me is hatred to another mum wants to correct me because she cares. To some mum won’t let me have it because she doesn’t care but to others mum wants the best for me. Mum wasn’t there because I am not important, to another, mum wasn’t there because she was busy with things that concern my future and life. The list can go on and on.

God loves the world, but not everyone feels so, because of their perception of what love is, hence they can’t accept His love. However the one who believes in God’s love and accepts it, begins to feel it deeply and greatly, not because God now loves him more than before, but because this person has moved himself to a position where he can actually receive, feel and enjoy God’s love. like wise, if you can believe that mum loves you, and accept her love, you will begin to see and feel much love from her. Not that she changed, but you changed your position. you left the rejection ground to an acceptance ground.

Those in the prison are loved, the most wanted is loved, the street people, the terrorist, and anyone you can think of. Though his mum may not declare it to you publicly because of shame or society, she really truly loves her baby.

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