Contrary to the idea that everyone knows what love is, most people are yet to know that love is not a feeling. I have every reason to shout it loud that love is not a feeling. Love is not an emotion rather, feelings are emotions and they are run by nerves and hormones where as it is not so with love.

Feelings can be fluctuated and are dependent on factors that stimulate the nerves or encourages hormonal rush or dis-balance in the body. for example, if you look good, you are attractive and then wanted, if you live well, you are admired, if you act strangely, they are disappointed, if you look bad they are disgusted.


Love is independent of circumstances, it is a choice, it’s the person you have become for somebody or something. For example, becoming a mother is what makes you love your child so much, it is independent of what your child does; you have BECOME a mother or a Father (YOU HAVE BECOME LOVE). you can’t change that, you can’t but love your child. No wonder the Bible encourages us to put on love.

let’s imagine you are going to have a baby sister, you haven’t seen the baby yet neither has the baby done anything for you yet you are already in love with her without judging her character or her looks, you already have enough love for her to welcome her into your world. You have become a big sister or brother, you have become love, a choice made in your heart that you can’t change no matter how you feel or what you say or what the baby does to you. You have become love, and you will always love that naughty sibling of yours.

We feel emotions, and though one can feel differently about the people they love, because emotions are desires or expressions to certain things about them. For example anger is an emotion, it wouldn’t matter how angry you are with your brother, you would still love him. and that’s why the best kind of love that God wants us to have is called Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7) which means brotherly love. The Bible talks severally about this type of love in the new testament.

When a person is moved by feelings into a relationship, that’s when we say that indeed love is blind,but in actual sense love is not blind rather emotions and feelings are. Emotions and feelings. are so blind that thy can destroy a family they built, a family they love. They were what caused Cain to kill his brother whom he loved, it caused Esau and Jacob to be bitter against each other for years; ( because the bible shows us that these brothers later reconciled with tears and love). It caused two sisters who loved themselves to become rivals over a man ( Leah and Rachel) it caused a man to rape Dinah before he realized that he could have done the right thing. it caused Sampson his life.( marriage by feelings). The Bible warns us not to walk by our senses (feelings) but by faith; 2 Corinthians 5:7 because Faith works by love Galatians 5:6.

True love is not sensed ruled, you have no special feelings that causes you to love and respect your father so, why do you expect to love and respect your husband by how you feel? A man would love his mum even though she is not a nice mum or sister but, why can’t he tolerate his wife?

Love is truly a person you become for the other. See what or who love is in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. if that is true, as written in that scripture, then it is certainly not a question of what is love, but who is love. Love is kind, kindness is not an emotion but a quality or nature of a person, love is gentle, that’s certainly not a feeling. Love is not jealous or envious; in other words love ( this person) is not provoked by his feelings. Love is patient, endures all things, believes all things, you can go on and on, and finally the bible says that love never dies. Feelings do die, but love never dies.


As you celebrate valentine’s day, remember to also celebrate the people who truly love you and not just the people who have “feelings” for you. Decide today to become love, put on love and love others truly. God bless you! I love you but Jesus Loves you more.He is love personified.

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