Don’t you think so? well, just before anyone says “your best wasn’t good enough”, let’s try to compare that with the case of a student.

some of us, back in school, we had always wanted to be the best in the class, we were good, very good actually, we studied very well, but at the end, we were not the first in the class. The examination was used to judge us, it didn’t matter how good we were. And then, if you studied in a university like mine, you would agree with me that your marks were more dependent on the randomly kept question papers with variants turned over on the table and the teacher appointed to cross-examine you of which you also had to pick randomly from a table. For some it became a thing of luck, while to others it became a thing of favor. Some students would have picked questions they knew nothing about, but get favored by their teacher, and for others it could be vice versa. They would have known everything, yet the teacher could ask for something else or find a different reason to fail them or given them a lower grade. Of course the exams are not always fair in judgement, it was never the best way to evaluate or check one’s knowledge and it still isn’t. There were some students who wanted to win an election, but the election wasn’t fair or in their favor, irrespective of how good they were. It gets sad, when you had made promises to your parents that you were gonna be the best, you wanted to impress them and not have them compare you with the other fellow. It could even get worse if your parents were pressurizing you to be the first and best in class or in a competition.

Now here you are in front of them all, you try to let everyone see that you did your best, but they join the teachers, and the school, to judge or access your effort, your best with the paper in front of them called a report card or a result. In summary, they are saying your best was not good enough.Nevertheless, you are the only one who knows how much you had put in and your worth. You are the only one that truly knows you did your best. You know how much you wanted them proud of you and how you wish they could understand. Maybe your best wasn’t good enough, but it was really your best at the time. Oh how you wish everyone could understand. Well, some will and some may not.

Perhaps, that’s all your parents want you to understand today: My son, my daughter, I may not be the best mum or dad in the world due to some certain standards used to access and judge my parenting, I may not even receive enough praises from you because of that. But you see? that was my best, it was all I had then, I could not or may not meet up with all the promises I made to you but I want you to understand that I really want you proud of me and that I did my best. Oh, how I long to hear you say ” I am proud of you”


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