Just How Often Should One go to Church?

There are  lots of debates on this subject, some argue that it doesn’t matter how often you go to church, others say once a week, some others even say that the church is in your heart so stay at home. For some others, one should go to Church as often as possible and for some, so long as there is a service in your church you should be there.

Well, in the midst of all these, one of these arguments will have to be correct and the other four wrong.  I would like to say that when it comes to the things of the spirit, especially as relating to your Faith and God, you don’t need assumptions. You can’t assume that what you think is the right thing. What you need is truth. The bible says and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). So,without dwelling on any of the above arguments, let’s delve right into the word. Thy word oh God is truth.( John 17:17)

The problem we have is semantics, which is the study of meanings. It involves how we say what we say and what we say a thing is. This can hide the deep and deeper truths about anything thereby causing confusion and determining how one would relate to the subject in question.church-1154650_1920

The word Church, has been used to describe a building on the earth by almost the whole world. You see an empty historical building with no act of worship or service happening there anymore, but it is called a Church. However,though there are some others who understand that the church is not a building made by hands, they also have a claim that each christian is a Church, by their reference to the scripture that says ” your body is the temple of God” while each group has some amount of truth in their understanding due to language presentation, the effect of each position can make one group not attend  christian meetings now called “Church” and the other group, may just think that the building is in fact the Church, and one must therefore find such a building to worship  or else no Church.

However, understanding  what or Who the Church is, will help them understand the teachings in the bible about going to church.

Firstly, the Church is different from you, the temple f God. The Bible says that your body is the temple of God. ( 1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Temple there means the house of God, and that is described so by the apostles because Jesus told us and we truly know that the Holy Spirit, i.e. God, lives inside of us. For this reason Paul admonished us to keep ourselves pure. He wasn’t in any where teaching on your body being a church.  so, what’s the difference?


The church on the other hand is the body of Christ. The Bible clearly explains that we are not a church individually, but members of a church together. The church is the body of Christ . We come together to make up this body. In this full body of Christ, you may be part of the eye, leg  or so.   NOW PAUSE HERE AND READ 1 CORINTHIANS 12:14-27 As the leg can’t say I don’t need the hand, or the eye etc, so also, you can’t say I don’t need to be joined with the other brother or sister to function well. The bible says that we should be united, having one mind, praying and fellowship with one another. To fellowship means: to communicate, to commune. It means sharing, partnership. It is therefore clear that fellowship is not a one man thing. We read in the scripture about fellowship of the holy spirit and fellowship with the brethren. holding-hands-752878_1920

The smallest church the bible says is where 2 or 3 are gathered in my Name (Mathew 18:20). clearly he is not referring to you and himself alone if not it  wouldn’t conclude by saying there I am. Pay attention also to the phrase “..are gathered”. to gather is to bring something or people together for a reason or a common purpose.

We read statements like : “the church in the house of… ” in the bible. Here is a link to such Churches mentioned in the Bible. Had the Church  been a building, how could they have carried a building into the house of someone. it definitely was the groups of believers gathered in this brother’s house to worship and pray, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus had the habit of going to church. According to Luke 4;16. If Jesus thought it necessary and made it a lifestyle, plus he decreed that he is the way the truth and the life, so everything he did was the way things should be done. He Is the perfect  example. Telling us that as a child of God on the earth going to Church is necessary and it should be your custom.

Acts 1;13-14, shows clearly the first church of the apostle and how it was. They got a venue, and 120 believers gathered to pray constantly. If words do have meanings indeed, then the word “constantly” there does have a meaning. Acts 2;1, also tell us that they, the believers were together, when the Holy Ghost fell on them. The Holy ghost fell on people who were gathered together in one place in the name of Jesus and it was so in many other instances in the Bible. Great things happened with and through the Christians who were constantly in fellowship.

Paul also had the same culture, the one who wrote the many chapters you read to find reasons to stay home had the custom of being in Church according to the book of Acts 17:2.

The bible instructs us not to miss any church meeting, as the habit of some Christians are. He said don’t be like them In Hebrews 10;24-25. rather he said we should encourage each other to meet more and more. oh wow!

This can be seen in the lifestyle of the early church, in Acts 2; 45. They met daily. Again I say daily. Think about the disciples of Jesus, who knew no break. Everyday with Jesus was a sermon, prayer and workings of the spirit. Once they said let’s stay here forever.

David said I was glad when they said to me come and let’s go up into the house of God. in other words anytime there was a gathering of the saints announced, this man was excited. If you are not happy anytime you hear there’s a church meeting, chances are you won’t be glad when the last trumpets sounds, a call for the great assembly of the brethren to gather in heaven. If you don’t like praying and worshiping in groups, then you may not like it in heaven either cos that’s what we will do there, corporate worship and fellowship. If you haven’t trained your spirit to respond to such calls, how would you respond to the Lord’s Final call.

Lastly, the bible commands us in 2 Peter 1:5-6 to add godliness (piety)  to our lives . To be pious literally means your outward religious show and devotion, which of course includes going to church as well as your personal devotion to God.

So judge for yourself, just how often should one go to church?








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