Taking Charge Of Your Health-part 2

How I  wanted to send this post out so quickly, however, I am glad it’s finally here. If you haven’t read the first part of this discussion kindly click here so you don’t miss a thing and most importantly you get to understand this part better.Though I want to share a lot in this post like I promised, I would like to take it slow, one step at a time.

Irrespective of where you are or what’s going on around you right now, always the Truth will make you free. It brings strength, courage, and hope for the future. Here are some other things God would like you to know:figures-1607182_1920

1.You are unique: we are all special and unique, and when we get to heaven, we will really understand this better. Stop beating yourself and wondering why me and embrace yourself, because that trouble came to you because of your uniqueness. This uniqueness distinguishes us and shows you just how valuable you are. You do know that what makes the eyes hurt may not necessarily make the foot hurt, but what hurts the thumb, could possibly do the same harm to the toe. We are members of His body and bones (Ephesians 5:30).That explains our uniqueness even in Christ. In the beauty industry, the uniqueness of skin and hair types are often taken into consideration but yet they haven’t covered all of it especially, the Afro hair types are still yet to be satisfied fully. Likewise, in the health industries, the uniqueness of people are taken into consideration and this explains why some people respond well to some medication and others don’t. Spiritually, we also are unique.smilies-1607163_1920 Knowing who you are by the revelation that comes from the Holy Spirit will make you a master in life and happy is the one who finds this truth. When God says we are one, He doesn’t mean that we are all the same,rather we are one body, different parts united together to be complete in one. Being a part of one body, makes it possible for you to find one person just like you, similar to you but still not exactly like you. For example, let’s say the right thumb meets the left thumb, though they look identical, yet they serve in a very unique way since they don’t face the same challenges everyday. The right thumb on a right-handed individual gets exposed to more work  that the left thumb yet neither of them can function perfectly if they are interchanged by position. This is important because when you acknowledge this truth, you open up a door for God to teach you about who you are in a much more personal level. This knowledge will put you over and above sickness in a very simple way.

2. You have been sanctified: To be sanctified, is not just to make holy, for only God’s presence can make a thing Holy. So when God said to the Priest in the old testament, sanctify yourself, He wasn’t saying make yourself Holy, for no man can make himself holy except the presence of God. The presence of God at the burning bush, made that place holy such that, Moses could not stand there with his shoes on. Before that encounter and after that encounter, people walked there with shoes on and nothing happened. To be sanctified means to be separated for a unique purpose. christmas-table-1926936_1920For example, the tea-cup has been sanctified for serving tea, but if you choose to serve wine in it, it doesn’t change the fact that it would be ethically wrong, because the wine glasses have been created and separated from other types of glasses to serve wine. Moreover, if the wine glass be put into the microwave, or used to store things in the freezer, that glass could be damaged, irrespective of its content or who had put it in there. Like wise, the tea-spoon, the table-spoon, fork and knife, you will usually see them on the dinner table but they are not set there to do the same and equal task, but rather, they work together to achieve a common purpose.

In the same vein, as Christians, we ought to understand that we can’t just expose ourselves to any and every thing, or get involved with every and anything and expect to get away with it. We must understand Paul in 1 Corinthians 10:23, when He said all things are permissible but not all things are beneficial. This means that, although as Christians, we are free to do many things in Christ yet not everything we do is going to be beneficial.  For example, there is no law against you for choosing to sleep all day or staying up all day and night, However, neither of these is  beneficial to you. Hence, we choose not to sleep all day but to wake up everyday to do something much more beneficial for ourselves. Also, though there are no scriptural laws against a Christian choice of diet, that doesn’t make eating poorly beneficial for you.

You can actually use this moment to examine your life by asking yourself this question, “what am I doing that I know is not beneficial?” and if you feel that you have to make any changes, go ahead and do it.

I won’t write to you about food and drinks, because our subject of discussion is beyond that. So, I pray for you that today’s post will prepare your mind and heart for what I will share on the next one. I pray that He gives you the insight beyond the things written here. God bless you!


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