Taking Charge of Your Health Part-3

Let’s recall the story of Sampson, though people say that his problem was his love for foreign women (because they read so that his parents warned him plus the law kicked against it). However, a careful study of the story in the book of Judges 14:4 shows that it was God who led him into loving foreign women so as to ensnare the enemy.

Sampson was a sanctified man, and God told Him the things he could not do as a sanctified person to keep him safe wherever he went and Sampson knew this (like you and I do), but sadly He used this knowledge against himself. Which again explains what I was trying to say in my previous post; There is no law against shaving your hair, but it wasn’t beneficial for Sampson.

Shaving his hair, did not make him a non-child of God or a sinner, but it exposed him to the things that he wouldn’t have asked for in life. I have a distinctive testimony to share, the testimony that brought me into writing and sharing this thought with you, But I will do that in another post.people-2604837_1920

In Isaiah 33:24 NIV, the bible says “No one living in Zion will say I am ill. That’s because they will be taught how to live the kingdom life. This is a reality, and the way to live in it and walk in it, is by submitting to the teaching of the Holy Spirit. He knows you better than you know yourself just as a manufacturer knows his product more than the product itself, and often times to help us care for these products, the manufacturer will send its manual alongside. One manufacturer ( for example Phillips electronic) could have different goods ( electronics) but they are not all the same ” TV’s, cookers, microwaves oven etc”, yet all are special and unique if used and handled rightly.

As a child of God, you are not a replica of the next person, there are certain things you should do, could do and things you shouldn’t. This is not a case of sin or not, right or wrong, but rather beneficial or not. Sometimes, what could be beneficial for Sister A may not be beneficial for sister B or for you. It happens because there is an instruction on your life. There are lots of things that cause people to be sick but some of those things on their own are not sin. Though we all know that sin is a major window for the devil, yet my focus  are on things that we hardly pay attention to in our daily lives, but they however can pollute us or are not beneficial to us.

As a child of God, no demon should have the power to afflict you, but ignorance can cause God’s people to perish. Ignorance becomes much more threatening than the devil himself. Hence, God commands us to acquire wisdom, knowledge and understanding. In fact you perish only in the area of your ignorance. Having said that, the next time you feel weak, sick or afflicted, Instead of only affirming your healing, which is vital, ask the Lord to kindly reveal to you why you are weak, sick or afflicted. Remember, healing is the bread of the children and as a matured man in Christ, you are not expected to get sick, so if it does manifest itself, your attitude should be “why, how dare, how did this get in here?”  while there are many ways to get rid of sickness in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ; speaking in tongues, Confessions,through laying on of hands, through thanksgiving, the communion, fellowship with the word etc. There are also many beautiful and essential things you can do to stay away from the healing line.

If you seek, you will find. He will show you, teach you and counsel you. When you undo those things, then you will comprehend that you have a self-healing mechanism and that staying and keeping your body in perfect health is your responsibility because God has given you all authority in His name. You may eat the bread ( get healed), and be hungry again for another, but you can ask God to teach you how to produce bread inside of you and stay ever healthy.

Now, that we have this cleared out, I will go on to throw more light on the things that could make a person weak or sick as well as my testimony on my next post. Please bear in mind that this post is not to say that sicknesses are not caused by the devil, but to show you how much of a factor you are when it comes to walking in divine health.


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