How Not To Be Sick Again – My Testimony

One Sunday evening, I felt something inside my nostrils that caused discomfort, when I examined it, it was blood. I had Hemoptysis (blood-streaked phlegm from my upper respiratory tract). It wasn’t my first encounter with these symptoms, though rarely, yet it was still a mystery to me. Once, I went through some medical examinations but nothing was found. Well, I wasn’t expecting them to find anything, because I had always said those symptoms were nothing but a mirage and usually I will quickly command it to stop and affirm my healing and that will be it, I would just ignore it and it will leave in the course of time. However, this time, I didn’t do that. I wanted to know why it came back in the course of time.fever-310721

Weakness, fever with shivering, myalgia, dull pain inside my bones accompanied by a severe headache. I could literally feel my blood pressure rise. I had a bed rest, took some appropriate herbal tea for lowering the blood pressure and I drank a lot of cold water. I endured and went about my day looking strong. One thing was certain, if I’d speak to this situation it will go. But to be candid, what I desired to comprehend was “why” why did it come? Yes, I know the devil threw something at me, but how did I miss it? How did he creep into my house, what window did I open?. I knew I was going to be alright, so I didn’t panic rather,I had a time of introspection concerning the issue and during that time, God gave me a scripture that says, before I was afflicted, I went astray (Psalm 119:67).

How did that relate to me?

In my previous post, I carefully expatiated our uniqueness. Few years ago, God had revealed to me and had given me an instruction in life by the Holy Ghost. One of it was to not watch or listen to things that I knew God wouldn’t want to watch or hear. He explained to me this profound truth which was “He (God) hears through my ears and sees through my eyes and I see through his eyes. Even as a young child growing up, the Lord never permitted me to sing or listen to any worldly song or meditate on it, not to read certain things or books and I obeyed.

Though back then I obeyed religiously because I thought it was sin, and even though I didn’t receive the deeper revelation concerning the subject, I remember vividly that I was never ill. Once, it was required of me to bring a medical report in order to get a visa. Back then, I was a teenager afraid of pins and needles but I did it anyway. After some tests were carried out and the results were out, the doctor gave me a blank stare and asked, “are you all right, how do you feel?” with much candor and vulnerability I responded “yes, I’m fine”. She was perplexed, because by her result, she felt I was a walking corpse. (At that time, I used to play outside in the woods with my friends even when it was dark, so I was exposed to mosquitoes a lot, and malaria parasites had greatly increased in my blood, but, though they multiplied, like the scripture says, nothing shall by any means harm you.) I wasn’t harmed, and there were no physical manifestations.

She quickly gave the credits to my strong immune system and put me on medication but on the whole, I was proud of God in me. Many other incidents happened in my life that proved that nothing could harm me or overcome me health-wise. Yet I had no clue that my state of health had a relative connection to that instruction God gave me.

Now here I am facing these strange symptoms, and as usual, no matter what I feel or what my complaints are, if you’d take me to any doctor, they’d usually find nothing. And that’s because, God has taught me to always speak health and that sickness cannot be found in me. So, they just couldn’t find anything wrong. In my quest to know why these symptoms came, I finally came to an epiphany.watching-2082788

The previous week, just before I got hit with these symptoms, I had spent my free time watching a live TV-show about the various problems of different people and how the host was trying to help them. I heard things that I never thought were happening in the world, things that people of all ages and families went through, most of them were about, crimes, murders, abuse, psychopathic cases, demonic doctrines and the like, and I was deeply engrossed by each story and I didn’t stop at one show, (you can trust you tube to suggest more videos to watch) sometimes, I would watch them late into the night. And while I thought it was giving me more reasons to pray for families, I didn’t realize that all these things were releasing bad energy into my mind, I was exposing myself to so many harmful things and polluting myself through my eyes and ears. It was generating nothing good in me, but installing pain, evil, depression and sickness which were now manifesting.

My close friends would know that I am quite picky and careful about the things I see or hear. I usually judge or screen every material through a broad spectrum of questions. When I discovered that this was the root cause, this was the wrong I did, this is what the Lord meant by “I went astray”. At that moment I reflected back on the other times I felt weak in my body in the past, and it synchronized with the periods I would spend time watching such mysteries, disasters and so on. Then I recalled the words spoken to me again just last year to only see and watch the things he permits me to and hear what he permits me to.

My eyes and ears are sanctified, severally the Lord has confirmed these to me. While another may not have my experience after such exposure yet, they could have such deposited negativity manifest in a different way. God told me clearly, your spirit is very pure and it has the ability to absorb anything quickly, so I can’t do what everyone does, just because it won’t be good for me. When I received this truth, I asked the Lord to cleanse me and He reminded me that his word is a cleanser. He asked me to undo the effect. So I watched and listened to God’s word and let it cleanse my heart and body. I did this the whole night until I slept off. I woke up a new being and I was 100% perfect on the outside. With this knowledge, I could understand why those in Zion won’t have to say I am sick, it’s because there in Zion there is no bad news to make you sick, you only hear health and secrets of life, there you are educated on how to stay healthy. The teacher lives inside of you, and He will instruct you in all things. (John 14:26)

Why is it so important for you?

Just like a man who went to the doctor, because of some certain symptoms he was exhibiting, and was told that to stay healthy he must go off sugar. The day he forgets that instruction and starts taking in a lot of sugar, he will get into trouble and will need medical help again from the doctor. The good doctor will have to remind him once again saying “I warned you to stay off sugar, look what it has caused. Now go and do it no more”.

Well everybody is taking sugar why not me? He may contemplate, but what he hasn’t realized is that, sugar in its true sense does no good to anyone at all but harm, and it’s only a matter of time and chance before everyone will each discover this truth for themselves. Staying healthy for that man therefore becomes a personal choice. A choice to heed to the doctor’s counsel and instruction.pain-3009613_1920

In the same vein, the next time something unusual happens in your body, don’t panic deal with in the name and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. If these symptoms have been in a cycle ( they go, and somewhere along the line they show up again), don’t be afraid to find out how and why it got there and deal with the root cause.

Sometimes it’s not just the devil, we could unconsciously welcome trouble into our lives. The bible talks about Christians who welcomed strangers and did not know they had welcomed angels. It’s the same with infirmities, we could welcome some information, ideas or so without knowing we welcomed in sickness.  Some people, could welcome some deadly diseases into their lives the minute they welcomed and entertained anger or bitterness. If you are hurting, you need to heal and stop reliving those events by pondering on them because, anger, hatred and bitterness are triggered by memories or events that you haven’t let go, these also are windows that you must shut down so you don’t give vent to the devil to steal from you.

I know a few people who broke out of the symptom cycle and persistent syndromes only after they decided to get healed in their heart over a hurt from their past. Some had to forgive and love again, some had to stop arguing. Some had to learn how to laugh and remain joyful. Some had to stop worrying about their lives. Some had to change the way they talked about themselves and other people. Whatever it was, they came out and haven’t gone back, because they discovered what window they had to close.

Think of it this way, if a snake comes into your house, you will not only kill it and get rid of it, but you would want to know how it got in so that you could close that loop-hole. I tell you that unless you find out how it got in, and deal with it, you can be sure to expect another snake or creature of the like crawl into your house again.

Knowledge indeed is power, but the use of knowledge is much more powerful.


One thought on “How Not To Be Sick Again – My Testimony

  1. Your work is deeply appreciated, for you remind that faith is not only “believing”, but also having courage to question things and embracing truth about oneself, in other words, not just to wait for gold to appear in your hands, but to go and dig it 😉


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