Faith is Great but Love is Greater

The message of Faith is never complete or effective without love. This is because, Faith works by love. The kinetic energy for your potential Faith is Love.

Walking on the Faith ground alone without love, can turn one into a monster. Paul Speaking on the subject said that though one may have Faith that could move mountains and yet had no love, he is “Nothing” ( 1Corinthians 13:2). You could have some potential ” a big faith” that can move mountains and yet gain nothing – see no results or get praised by God- because you didn’t have the kinetic energy ( Love) that makes Faith work in your life.

As a Child of God, there could be a time in your life when you become so overwhelmed by the message of Faith, and believe that everything revolved around it. This was my case, and although I wasn’t wrong at all, the challenge I faced was what the message did to me or rather what I did with the message. I unconsciously became impatient and intolerant with people who didn’t operate at my Faith level. I barely realized that pride was settling in- I couldn’t stand other believers who talked differently.

As a result, some neither told me nor shared their challenges because they felt “small”. They didn’t want to be seen as “Faithless” or not prayerful. Today, more and more people resort to their Social media status where they could talk without facing anyone.

I’d love to take you through one time I did something out of Faith versus the time I did it out of love and show you what results I got:

There was a sister who was going through a medical condition, she confided in me and I prayed for her. I expected her to say that she was well in faith and not to get another call every now and then saying “I’m in pain”. Though I endured with her in prayers, I observed that each time she called in pain, she would feel better after each prayer but then I’ll get another call one or two days after on the same issue. It got to a point that I started finding out what was wrong, and I thought, oh, maybe you haven’t been doing this or that and that’s the reason.

The more this continued, the more I got irritated by the calls, but actually I was saying to my self, oh if only she had a strong Faith. (It never for once occured to me that it was Faith who made her to reject surgery and rather resort to the Lord through me for her healing). After I had dropped several Faith messages on the table over and over again, the result was that she started telling me just what I wanted to hear and couldn’t tell me what was happening with her. My Soul was comforted but she wasn’t and I rejoiced but she was in pain and I had no idea.

She would rather open up to strangers. she was suffering inside. Eventually, I got to know by revelation and when I questioned her, she broke down in tears on the phone. After I confirmed this, I felt terrible inside, and was troubled. What was I turning into? I asked the Lord to pardon me and teach me what I was missing. Then I came to an epiphany- love is patient, love endures all things, I recalled the scriptures that admonishes me to bear one another’s burden. Suddenly, love took over. I was no longer trying to exercise my Faith on her, rather I was full of compassion and was exercising my love the greater condiment.

Love indeed conquers all Satan can’t stand love, demons can’t stand love. You know why? Because God is love. In His presence there’s fullness of Joy and Liberty. As the Lord taught me, I received more light on the subject.

If you do a careful study of the Bible, you will notice the people who received their miracles, were healed by their Faith (call it whatever kind, little, weak, great, they all got something at the end) irrespective of their type of Faith,, miracles happened,Why? What was the determining factor? That’s the part we don’t seem to realise nor ponder so much upon.

Let me tell you why, it was because on the other side of the scene, Love was there. A greater force than Faith was there that could make their Faith work. Bible records at such times that Jesus was moved ( filled) with compassion. In the Bible, We read lines like these:- Jesus had compassion on .., Jesus moved with compassion, Jesus filled with compassion…

Love is greater, it can use the little Faith to move mountains. You don’t necessarily need a great faith, you just need that mustard seed Faith. And if love is there, it will work because Faith works by love.

That being said, day after Day the lady in my story got better and better. Suddenly, the urgent midnight calls had changed to testimony calls and finally she pulled through to the amazement of the doctors. That was remarkable. Glory to God!

Sometimes we pray for the sick and nothing seems to happen, and we think that something is wrong with the recipient’s Faith.

Jesus, however, demonstrated to us that love was greater and is the greatest ( 1Corinthians 13:13). His Love and compassion moved beyond the faith and unbelief of the people around concerning Lazarus, for if they had a great Faith, they wouldn’t have laid Lazarus in the grave, knowing Jesus had given a word. Nevertheless, the Love of Christ covers all wrong which is mind blowing.

So when you pray in Faith for anyone, don’t let your Faith be measured by the results, but let your love be measured by your persistence, compassion, endurance and labour.

Faith is great, but love is greater. Only love can tame a wild animal and change it into a pet. There’s nothing in the World like Love. You may get results and reward for your faith now, but your work of love will be rewarded by your Father in heaven now and forevermore.

Love never ends, Let love prevail.

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