My Christmas day

I woke up without the sound of music nor the smell of our traditional Christmas stew. Haven’t heard any bang nor seen the fire works yet. It’s Obvious I’m not home for Christmas.

Took a walk around the woods, watching the snow fill up every space and I wondered if the nature in Russia is aware it’s Christmas.

I went shopping for some Christmas gifts, and got myself ready for my Christmas trip to Moscow, since we are having a Christmas carol at the church there ” Christ Embassy Moscow” to be precised. It is going to be the only place in this Country that will feel like Christmas today.

So as usual, the Lord had given me a new Christmas song to bless the world with and I had shopped for my Christmas dress before setting off. It’s the year of the supernatural and it’s been supernatural all year round for me.

If people do miss a year, then 2018 will be missed. Yet it gives me much more expectations for the new year. I am so looking forward to the new year.

The excitement in me wouldn’t let me have any meal today. I got on the train, 8 minutes later, the train stopped for no reason, and as people wondered and asked questions, I started crunching the new sugar free biscuit I had stumbled upon at the shop. Turned around and offered the lady beside me. “Eat and be merry, relax and be calm” I said to myself. when the train had stayed put for almost another 10 Minutes, I turned over to my side and I asked the Father of our Lord Jesus, to grant it that the train will move at once and that it will move with a higher speed.

As soon as I said that, sure enough, the train, started moving and with great speed. Satisfied, I started writing this blog. Then the coffee machine came passing by, I wanted a cup of tea, but sadly the sales man doesn’t take a Debit card but cash and I had taken no reasonable cash at hand. Just then, the lady beside me became a heroine- she added up for me to get a cup of tea- which is unusually pricy on the trains.

Well, I am traveling alone for Christmas this year, it’s quite an experience, moreover, I am going to minister in a drama and with a song. Never felt this thrilled about Christmas in a long time.

I had called my family earlier, I love it that they are having a really precious time together. The best part is that, though today is not a holiday in Russia, I got one from my workplace by favour. Isn’t that wonderful?

It doesn’t matter where you are, God can give you a merry Christmas. Oh! lest I forget, did I mention that God answered a prayer today? Yes he did, I received something big this Christmas. I knew God was going to send it, because I had asked. He is ever faithful.

Merry Christmas to you, I hope you have a much more excellent day than mine.

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