26 Positive Changes that have occured in me As I Grow.

In my time of reflection, I compared myself to me and took notes of certain metamorphosis that has occurred in me. Believe me, after looking through I couldn’t tell what to expect in the next few years but, I can gladly say that I have surpassed the person I was. Among the many things I observed, I decided to write down only 26 striking things.

1. I just love myself better: Do you feel the same way too? Today, I love all the changes in me and I have embraced myself more than ever. I am so happy with the Lady I have become. If you aren’t yet proud of yourself , then you might need to give yourself some attention. There are lots of things to be proud of.

2. I am full of Love: I haven’t met someone that I couldn’t love, even when I wanted to dislike someone, I just couldn’t. This is a result of the first point above. When you love yourself, you will find it easier to love others. Hence Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. In other words, if you don’t love and embrace yourself with whatever flaw you may think of or if you can’t forgive yourself, then you may find it hard to fulfill the law of love.

3. I am more than satisfied:Interestingly, the one thing that got me born again at a very young age was the fact that Jesus gave me all the attention I needed. So at a point in my life I had fewer friends because Jesus satisfied me. We talk, laugh, make jokes, write each other and analyse things together. May sound like crazy but yea. As the year went by, I became so satisfied that I am now happier alone most of the times.

3. I have become much bolder: Yes very bold. I may not look like it but that’s how growing up has changed me. Recently I was privileged to attend a conference where men above my current status and age where gathered ( A commerce meeting between Russia and Nigeria) and I was asked to gather them all round for a photo shoot. I did not hesitate nor relent to call out loud and Boy they responded. My Family friend who was also a speaker in the meeting was amazed at my courage and kept talking about it. I walked up to people and introduced myself, exchange cards and all.

However my boldness is covered up with much humility. I like to keep it simple with joy from my heart because I represent Christ the Messiah – the Lion and the Lamb, bold and humble.

4. I know what I want : Hitherto, I wanted everything, I even wanted to be everything there is, but now I have more and more precised goals and visions, my position in life has become much clearer, even my preferences have become vivid to me.

5. I understand the things that really count – Time and family. Don’t waste my time cause I won’t waste yours. Punctuality is of utmost importance to me.

6. I found out what food type works for me: I became a pescetarian- I had never in my wildest dreams thought I would be any thing far from a meat consumer. But, look at me and my goodness! I am so proud of myself. Disclaimer: You don’t have to become one, but definitely finding out what works for you is so pleasant.

7. I don’t have a sweet tooth: I have said no to all sweets so much so that even on my birthdays, I don’t get myself a cake nor cut any. And guess what, I am already thinking of a good substitute for a wedding cake. If you know any please do let me know.

8. I am not addicted to any social media, though I use them to search for some services online or communicate quickly, but I won’t browse through looking for what to like or comment or try to chat or reply strangers. I don’t have an app for many social media on my devices so I don’t have to receive notifications here and there to lure me online. I’ll type them in on my computer when I need to. For me it’s something big, for instance, knowing I stayed off Facebook for about 4 years plus is something rewarding.

9. I can live without a WiFi: I purposely go off WiFi for days or hours just to stay off any thing online and it didn’t take me long to realize that 24 hours is actually long and enough as opposed to my daily experiences on WiFi days. Recently, some of my friends have joined me on this and are already accomplishing more tasks on their to do list daily.

10. Every meal is a new invention: I always mixup some new recipes from my sweet Holy Spirit and it’s always yummy and healthy. No two meals are the same. Cooking is an art, an imagination and creativity, so I love to give it my undivided attention.

11. Ventilation is essential: My affinity for fresh air has so increased, I find myself always in need of proper ventilation, fresh air coming in whether I’m cold or hot, sleeping or awake. I just can’t stay in an all sealed up room. I find it hard to put up with people who love to seal the whole place up, and if I try sleeping in such a room, my sleep would be interrupted, or I could even wake up with a swollen face. Yes! It’s that crucial. I don’t know how many people feel the same way.

13: I’m more organic and natural in almost everything possible, opting always for quality over Quantity. Moreover, as knowledge increases, shopping has become a task. I read all ingredients, labels, etc, therefore spending more time at the grocery’s.

15. I seek council and do not do things at impulse. unlike before, I ask a lot of questions and love to listen to people older and wiser talk. I believe I can do anything I decide to do, so I love to think, pray seek council before I start.

16. Learning excites me like a new dress: I still love to listen or read articles,stories, blogs and biography. I love learning, nothing excites me like new information, knowledge, ideas or ventures. In fact my hobby is learning.

18. Money is not rewarding unless I earn it myself: I don’t wish for free money and gifts- let the poor and needy have that. I always desire and search for new ideas to carry out, implement in order to produce wealth – This gives me more joy and satisfaction.

19. I am more concerned about my customers’s satisfaction of my services over the money I’m paid. Feedbacks are so rewarding, each time my clients send me a message or a gift of love, a hug, a smile or a tear, my soul becomes overjoyed. Even if I narrow it down to my hobbies such as writing blogs and songs or singing, I still feel the same way whenever I get a comment on things that I have done. Thank you friends.

20. I am much more convinced about biblical standards, principles and my believes in relationships, home and at the church and I am bold about it.

21. I don’t take thought about what evil people think of me. Especially now that I know the three important things on every action “the what, the Why and the motives”

How did I get here? Wow. No one can dishonour me, one may hit me but no, I can’t be held down. I am ever ready to take my message, views or anything away from someone who doesn’t want to hear it. No arguments, peace must reign. where you aren’t welcomed, leave there to another city or town.( Luke 10:10)

22. My speaking: The first striking thing is that, I do not talk fast anymore. With the Help of God I practiced talking slowly and I will definitely write a cathartic piece on the subject someday.

The second is I think before I speak, I really do. I count my words. The Bible says that if you don’t err in words, you are perfect and able to keep yourself in check ( James 3:2). It’s one of the principles I will encourage you to follow. It’s so rewarding.

23. I trust and believe easily, forgive and understand easily yet I can’t be fooled. How is that possible?- by the Holy Spirit Because I can’t explain it. Simply put- I separate the sin from the sinner and all I see is God’s Mercy. I guess the summary is thus: God has filled me with mercy and covered my shame in love, trusting me like though I had never failed him and as I see him do this for me, I can’t help but do what I see my father do.

24. I can’t and won’t sleep with anger or any negative emotions, I must sleep joyful. Hence I make sure I go to bed without any burden at heart.

25. I take words seriously, so my yes is a yes and my no is a no. I like to mean what I say and say what I mean.

26. I don’t argue anymore. I verbalise my thoughts but when things are quite controversial, I detach from such a seat mentally so I don’t create unnecessary enmity with others nor compromise. Yet upholding the truth at heart and speaking the truth when next I can in love by the Holy Spirit.

So what about you? Do you know how you have changed from the inside so far?

2 thoughts on “26 Positive Changes that have occured in me As I Grow.

  1. I’m commenting late though, but I thought of something you wrote and yea, I’ve grown too. But I thought how much I had not liked growing up with all that it comes with. Today, I thought to myself, why don’t I enjoy growing up and be joyful of all the changes that’s happened to me. Like you shared 26 of the things that you’ve are happy had happened to you, I can share mine some day too.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been there my dear, but the best gift you can offer yourself this year is to enjoy every moment you have now because it’s part of the things you will miss tomorrow. So don’t miss out anything anyday. This is the updated you. Love and embrace her


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