Crystal Cake,Bake my Day &Make my Day!

If you love having or giving out cakes for any reason at all on Special days, Or maybe you have never tried it before and you will like to do something different this time, then let’s get right in with this post!

what do you love cakes for, is it for its beauty, the sensation, the story or just it’s yummy taste? let me know cos I am a bit curious.

Though I am sugar free, I do have a soft spot for the sight of brilliantly done cakes. For me it is about the beauty, art, the message it brings and the moment shared. By the way, did you know there are now sugar free cakes? oh yes! that’s true and I am falling in love with all the healthier cake recipes coming up and that’s one of the reasons I am thrilled to write this post!

Let me have mine

I love cakes for its beauty and art, as well as the story it tells. I still haven’t met anyone who frowned at the sight of a beautiful cake. Undeniably, the more beautiful the more Special it is. The photo above is a full-fledged cake -yet greeting cards, how nice it is to digest your wishes right?.

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Just the excellent presentation of a cake, creates an exceptional feeling deep inside of you. Perhaps it’s due to the understanding that it took a thoughtful heart to order and a diligent hand to create such a pleasant sight for another. So, whether You want one for it’s beauty, its representation, or its taste it all feels good!

Crystal Cakes

So, what if you can’t get your hands on such sugar free cakes but you just want to give someone a touch of love with a beautiful cake this valentine? Perhaps your val has a sweet tooth or you just want to give yourself a treat. whatever, trust me you can place your order for your type of cake. Whether you want it sugar free or not, I know someone who can work it out just right-CRYSTAL CAKES

Send my cupcake

Cakes have a lot to say and Crystal cakes just knows how to say them louder and eloquently. So you might want to let them give you a hand by baking your emotions and fantasies . Crystal cakes bakes dreams, words and emotions- just spell it out

The first time I had ever received a surprise birthday cake from crystal cakes, I was in tears, apparently my picture was on it baked to be munched. “How thoughtful ” I kept thinking to myself and I was overjoyed.

Thankfully, crystal cakes are homemade plus I had the opportunity of seeing how things were done. The environment and working surfaces are clean and hygienic so you don’t have to worry about hygiene. There aren’t too many hands involved as well but one committed master touch so your cake could get all the love and undivided attention needed to bake your day.

What’s more? there is a promo on for this valentine and I thought you would like to know especially if you are living in or near Moscow. The good news is that crystal cake bakes all year round so you are never late!

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