6 Valentine’s day Errors to Avoid

It’s another beautiful day, just 24 hours as usual, but it comes with so much love and affection, gifts and sadly some routined errors as well.

Happy valentine’s day to you! And while you may or may not be celebrating at the moment, I still think we need to discuss these errors to avoid and what we can do instead, whether you are single or not.

1. Comparison: The number one error and temptation is that of comparing your relationship or status with some other people. This is uncalled for. Do you remember that old saying ” never wash your dirty linens in public?” well, smart people don’t. So.. that just means all you’ll see today whether on the street, in the restaurant or on social media, is not all there is.

Some people will make the day seem special, amazing and breathtaking which is awesome but what if they are probably trying to mend or heal a hurting or complicated relationship. While some others are truly happy indeed, every relationship has its issues so don’t start making comparisons.

Half the people may be in some relationship crisis or on the verge of breaking up. Some who performed such shows in the previous years, have already split up. So instead of sulking and grumbling in your heart, focus on your partner and relationship and endeavor to enjoy the best moments and thoughtfulness of each other.

2. I’m Single again, so nothing Special about today: hmm, not really, I disagree with that. Think about this: If you were in a relationship, who will be celebrated today?- you of course! Your partner would celebrate you today. So why not do them a favor since they are distracted or preoccupied by something today and celebrate the one person they think is perfect and wonderful?

Give yourself a special treat, buy something for yourself, eat something yummy and pray for your future partner to have fun today knowing that there is hope for you two. You need to be happy first with yourself to enjoy the presence of another. Do something that you can share with your partner tomorrow, learn something new about relationship or just choose to be a better person at handling relationship issues than you were last year.

3. This is what’s done on val’s day: Well, there are no set out rules, so you might wanna get out of the day’s pattern and do something different altogether. You may want to omit that flower and cards from your list, you may even go ahead and omit the movies or restaurant- just think outside the box. We are psychological beings, meaning we really appreciate uniqueness, efforts and thoughtfulness. I’m sure there are many other wonderful things you could do together and have so much fun.

4. Talking less but doing so much:I think Valentine’s day is the day you should talk the most, get to know each other more, Being bold to ask certain questions just to understand their love language and how they feel about their relationship and about each other. Its the moment of truth and openness without any judgement. You may even read a book on relationship together and discuss it. Anything to get you talking about your relationship and you may start this even days before valentine.

5. Sending Text messages but not writing; You do know that flowers fades, gifts depreciate in value, but there’s something that sticks around longer and can give you a more fulfilling result – Words.
when we say the right words it sticks longer than gifts because words are eternal, powerful and soothing to the soul. But when you say too much, people tend to forget most of them later on, and when you send text messages,chances are there will be deleted some day or no one will have the time to scroll back all up into last year to re-read what you wrote there. So you should definitely consider writing them letters or notes instead of a text message on phone .

Moreover,studies show that people often re-read handwritten letters and are more likely to keep them for a longer time. Interestingly re-reading such letters also brings back the memories and the moments of the day they first received it. Turns out that kind gestures such as communicating in words using papers that were touched by you and inks that were drawn into words with your hands are strikingly romantic.

6. I have to love my best today: That’s just absurd because love’s for always and we don’t have to wait till valentine to express it. A successful relationship is one that is nurtured daily with love and no amount of ‘Valentine’s love’ can make up for that. In fact, those who are in a love-rich relationship tend to shun the valentine’s day denotation of love.

Hence, go ahead and make everyday special and memorable!

What other Valentine’s day error do you know of ? Kindly give your opinion in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “6 Valentine’s day Errors to Avoid

  1. Another error I believe, is ladies usually wanting to receive gifts from their partners, or multiple partners and young men thinking of receiving sex for showing love. This is the day most girls loose their virginity or get into wrong relationships.


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