A Date with a 5 year old

Of all the dates I have had, the one I had with 5 year old Bagdan was an unforgettable one.

Bagdan walked up to me like a man who wanted to talk to a girl he liked, but wasn’t sure of her response. With a confused smile he looked up at me with some sort of confidence and said,

Hello, what’s your name.?” He demanded

“Jemmy ,” I replied.

Jemmy, do you live around here? I haven’t seen anyone like you before.” He asked

Yes I do” pointing at my apartment block.

Well, how long have you lived here, I have been here for about 3 years how is it that I never saw you.? ” He asked

what’s your name?” I demanded


Bagdan I have been in this block for 2 years“.

Jemmy can you guess how old I am?” he asked, stretching forth his 5 fingers at me with much enthusiasm. ” I am 5 years old. Can you see how tall I am, how big I have grown? He said lifting his left hand above his head to show me his height.

Oh wow !”, I tired to say with amazement, seeing it meant so much to him, “…you have really grown.” I giggled softly at his estimation of 5 years as such a big deal.

“That’s right, Jemmy, you can’t imagine how small I was unless I show you some pictures but my mum has them. With his hands he demonstrated saying “I was so small, but now I am big and strong.

Before I could only eat Kasha (porridge) but now I can eat buckwheat and other stuff. I can run swiftly, watch me.” He runs around the play ground.

Did you see that? he asked.

Yes, I did, you are super.” I complimented.

That’s not all Jemmy I can also …. then , I have this toy and that toy.. Bagdan continued, celebrating his achievements at 5, making mention of what role mum and dad played. Bagdan will grow to be a fascinating young lad I thought to myself.

I noticed his long well-spread eyelashes and his beautiful big eyes, I couldn’t hold back those remarks, so I asked ” Do you know you have got such beautiful eyes and eyelashes?” I was taken aback by his response

“.. and beautiful eyebrows ” He added modestly as if to complete my observations. “and beautiful eyebrows“, I quickly echoed in affirmation.

Jemmy you are such a beauty and I am happy to meet you.”

Aww, Bagdan you are a really handsome young child. Give me a high 5“, I requested. You have kept me really entertained with your intelligence. As he showed me more of his abilities, I cheered him with tons of bravos.

His grandma , called out his name saying, “let the young lady go! she mustn’t miss her bus, she seems to be in a hurry.

Bagdan turns to me, “Jemmy are you in a hurry?” He inquired I couldn’t admit that I was, so I said “No, not really,but I would love to catch the next bus approaching. Thanks Bagdan it was such a delight talking to you.

Jemmy, tell me, when can I see you again? where can we meet again?

can we meet in the park near my apartment block? I asked. He started inquiring from his grandma to know the exact place and then he asked politely,

will you be out in the evening about this time tomorrow?

Yes, Bagdan, I will try to be around at about the same time“. He felt so accomplished, and with excitement, he cried out to his mum to have me introduced to her.

Sure enough He was there the next day to talk with me and and show me more of his skills, speed etc. It was heart-warming to see a young child keep to his words and practice punctuality.

Bagdan was absolutely thrilled about every growth he had and every new increase he had made. I wondered why oftentimes we adults barely see or notice the much progress we make in our daily lives. Little Bagdan observes his every day progress, measures it and wants to share it.

I thought about the words of Jesus concerning receiving the kingdom of God as a little child. It was vividly clear, how bold, courageous, confident, joyful, grateful and considerately kind Bagdan was. I thought about his future, will he change? will he become better? I comforted my self as I prayed and blessed him in my heart “Bagdan will influence his world positively and lead well”.

Bagdan may not be from a wealthy family, but I believe he comes from an emotionally wealthy and healthy family.

At 5, Bagdan is so happy and fulfilled, enjoying everyday and having a sociable spirit. He wasn’t complaining to me of what he wanted or didn’t have, or what went wrong , He was being optimistic about life, even when he fell down while running, he did not count that as anything rather he laughed and continued his race.

Unlike other kids his age, Bagdan wasn’t playing on a phone or so, he was playing with himself and socializing with strangers. At 5, He’d already known how to be happy all by himself and to introduce people to his family, to start and lead a conversation, to ask and respond to questions, to express and vocalize his thoughts.

He had left a good impression on my heart and Put a big smile on my face, and this time around, I asked Bagdan for another date. With a tight hug and a continuous waving of hands to say good bye, I promised Bagdan I was going to see him again.

PS. I would like to know what you think of Bagdan’s view of life and success, Do you think we could learn anything from him?

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