Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1

Hi there, today is a beautiful day and it happens to be one of those days that I have the opportunity to share something with you. The Truth makes us free and it is worth sharing. Let me know at the comment section just how helpful this post was and what the Lord has taught … Continue reading Taking Charge of Your Health -part 1

Sugar-Free or Sugar freak?

One of the battles that most people fight is the battle with sugar. Sugar as sweet as it is, it is like a Devil appearing as an Angel of light. We fight and organize conferences teaching and talking about the dangers of alcohol and what not. Beautiful! But while dealing with alcohol, we often leave … Continue reading Sugar-Free or Sugar freak?

Why I love Fat People and why you should love them too.

I love fat people. I literally admire them. But it wasn't always so. Over the years, I have cultivated this love for people who are fat and I sometimes imagined that someone would look better fat. Most of my best and quality friendship right from primary school were those I had with the fat people. … Continue reading Why I love Fat People and why you should love them too.